Welcome. I’m Sonya Fernandez, Nutritional Therapist and Founder of 16 Fitclub24 health rejuvenation centers, wife & a mother of 2 energetic boys living in the city of Montreal Canada.

In our world today, we all get busy with various daily pursuit at the expense of our health. This error brings the importance of a health coach in our lives. As a Health & Nutrition Coach, I thrive to reach out to women by helping them learn how to change their lives for the positive through EASY & proper stress management, nutrition alignment, and active lifestyle support.

I use an easy and incredibly effective 80/20 rule to help our clients reach and maintain that healthy weight and lifestyle they are looking for. That is 80% Nutrition & 20% exercise.


Whatever your specific health goals are, my team and I have you covered. The right person to lead you through a dark path any day is someone who has mastered the track.

I’m not just a coach; I’m a friend. I connect with every woman that crosses my way in a bid to use my experience in helping solve her health puzzle.

I believe that to help, you must first understand the situation. For this reason, I thrive to use my experience gathered while serving over 2000 clients in nutrition and wellness matters, to help women who are suffering from obesity, poor dieting or even those who just need some push and encouragement to go out there and take whatever is theirs for the taking. To cut it all short, I’m here to give every woman the better and ideal life they desire in mind, body and soul.

If you would like to join my free coaching community you can do so HERE. This community is for you to not only get health and nutrition advice but also to have your questions answered directly from me. I host a live call every Tuesday to offer free support to people committed to making healthy changes. For now, the program is free but it will not always be like this so I encourage you to join & look forward to meeting you.