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Your Health is Wealth. You deserve to feel Healthy, Wealthy, & Beautiful no mater your body type or energy level.

Hello, my name is Sonya Fernandez, Nutritional Therapist &
Founder of 16 Fitclub24 health rejuvenation centres.

We  massively change lives by helping by building non judgmental communities that are supportive, and guarantee results through following our simple nutrition plans.

More importantly, we tackle the major symptoms that result from a poor nutrition & lack of a mindful community.

Bloating, Adult Acne, Exhaustion, Depression, Anxiety & Stress are just a few of the systems our community members are able to leave behind.  

By joining our  free community, you will FEEL better and BE better physically & mentally. We have helped thousands of people change their lives! Our products & free coaching is for anyone wants to increase their energy, improve digestion, maintain a healthy weight, lose body fat, gain muscle mass, & improve sleep.

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Nadia ~ Lost 88lbs

Change Your Digestion, Change Your Perception

70,000,000 North Americans suffer daily from Poor Digestion Symptoms such as IBS, IBD, Celiacs, Heartburn, Acid Reflux, Blemished Skin & GERD. 

90% of these issues can be cleared by simple nutritional adjustments.

No need to reinvent your diet.

We make make it uncomplicated for you to get the nutrient rich resources that are not available in everyday foods.

Nutritional Know-How With Sony Fernandez

Our Community Members Experience:

  • Making healthy choices an easy no brainer
  • Feeling fresh and energized on a daily basis
  • Increased the vitality & elasticity of  skin, hair, nails & bones
  • Improve quality of sleep
  • Corrected digestive Issues & symptoms such as cramping, bloating, & poor bowel movements 
  • Decreased anxiety & improve self-esteem
  • Increased strength and flexibility
  • A FUN & EASY way to ease into a Healthy Active Lifestyle